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RwandAir Catering Ltd.

We believe that exceptional in-flight dining experiences truly enrich the journey. That’s why we have heavily invested in our facilities and our people – continuing our passionate commitment to delivering our vision.


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VVIP Catering

With our high-loaders and trucks, we tranport your things 24/7

Inflight catering

Our cafeteria is not just a dining space but it enables also staff connection and togetherness

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

RwandAir Catering offers storage services to commercial or private jets operating from Kigali International Airport

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RwandAir Catering Ltd has never experienced any industrial disruption for the past 3 years, proving it's improvement in service provision and customer satisfaction


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Our corporate strategy descriptive image


Our corporate strategy descriptive image



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Cold Kitchen Assistant

I reported at work in June 2014 and my experience has been wonderful since day one. I was very excited & expectant since this was my first job. I started working in the Quality Assurance department where I learned a lot ranging from hard work, interpersonal relations, time Management & living in a working environment with co-workers, and technically am & still learning about Food Safety, Hygiene guidelines, Halal requirements & firefighting. Of course, I expected to grow career-wise as well as personal. I was promoted from the Quality Assurance Department to the Production department where I worked as a Tray Set Up Assistant & learned a lot like Reading & understanding Meal orders and Time Management. I was later on transferred to Cold Kitchen as Cold Kitchen Assistant still in Production department to date. Have learned & still learning how to work according to the Specifications, time & temperature recording for every prepared salad & respecting the required room & Salad temperature. I have seen this company grow and am very grateful to be part of it. We started when the Staff were not enough hence working many hours compared to the ones required. As a Staff, have better Medical & Life Insurance cover, rebate tickets, Staff representatives, horizontal Salary increase and I am looking forward to being among those who will take this Company to the next level. Thank you.

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